Building high performance and fulfilment through resilience.

Imagine waking up each day feeling energised about the prospect of what the day will bring, rather than worried about how you are going to deal with everything.

This can be your reality when you re-align with what is important for you and increase your capacity for health, positive feelings, results and control. The Alignment Group provides coaching and workshops to make it easy for you to:

I have worked with Erica as an executive coach at different stages of my career, she has an engaging style which immediately puts you at ease. Erica was able to quickly identify the key areas we needed to work on and set out a clear plan on how to achieve the result. Her coaching has allowed me to accelerate my career considerably and I recommend her without reservation. Simon Herbert, Head of Change Delivery | HSBC Technology & Services | HSBC Australia

"Erica has the amazing ability to cut through the clutter and cut to the chase with her clients. Her work in goal setting, alignment and finding purpose is world-class - as good as and better than anything else I've seen or read." Gihan Perera, First Step Communications

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1:1 Coaching programs or workshops tailored to your objectives.

Revitalise You: A clinically proven, cutting edge stress transformation program. View brochure here

Speaker: Talks for teams on work/life balance, goal setting, stress management and communicating through conflict. View a sample talk outline here

Facilitator: Supporting your managers and teams to plan and communicate effectively.

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"Through meeting Erica and starting the coaching program I have regained a sense of purpose and direction. The most amazing, yet simple and logical techniques have taught me how to effectively handle my chaotic schedule and environment, and how to minimise my stress levels through emotional management. After getting to a point where I couldn't think clearly, was experiencing anxiety attacks and having trouble articulating what it was I wanted to say, I now feel balanced again and have a renewed belief in myself". Emma Coakes, Senior Acquisition Advisor

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